Raytrix Light Field SDK  4.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CCCodeLocationHolds information about a certain code location. These information are:
 CCExceptionSafePointerContainer for an Interop::Runtime31::IException pointer that simplifies copying of exceptions.
 CCKeyValueMapA key value map class
 CCRxArrayGeneric array class.
 CCRxArray2DBase2D Array base class.
 CCRxArray2DDoubleA 2D double array.
 CCRxArray2DIntA 2D integer array.
 CCRxArrayBaseBasic array operations.
 CCRxArrayDoubleAn array of doubles.
 CCRxArrayIntAn array of integers.
 CCRxArrayParticleAn array of SParticle structs.
 CCRxArrayStringAn array of strings.
 CCRxArrayUCharAn array of unsigned characters.
 CCRxArrayUIntAn array of unsigned integers.
 CCRxArrayUShortAn array of unsigned shorts.
 CCRxCalibMetaDataRaytrix Calibration Data description class.
 CCRxCalibrationDatabaseMissingExceptionException for signaling a missing calibration database.
 CCRxErrnoExceptionException for signaling errno errors.
 CCRxExceptionRaytrix exception base class. All exceptions are based on this class.
 CCRxFileNotFoundExceptionException for signaling file not found errors.
 CCRxImageImage class. Implements the interface Interop::Runtime28::IImage
 CCRxImageFormatImage format descriptor.
 CCRxImageMonikerImage moniker class. Implements the interface Interop::Runtime28::IImage but does not allocate memory
 CCRxMainLensRaytrix Main Lens description class.
 CCRxMapping3DThe mapping 3D. Uses a 3D volume to map a 3d Point to another 3d Point
 CCRxMetaDataHandles a collection of meta data of different types.
 CCRxMetricCalibAddImageResultRaytrix Main Lens description class.
 CCRxMetricCalibResultRaytrix Main Lens description class.
 CCRxOperatingSystemExceptionException for signaling operating system errors.
 CCRxOutOfMemoryExceptionException for signaling out of memory errors.
 CCRxStringBasic character string operations.
 CCRxStringFormatPrecisionRaytrix string format precision.
 CCTimerTimer class for time measurements.
 CSParticleRepresentation for particles estimated in Rx.Flow algorithms. Provides 3D position, quality information, time track ID and involved 2D particles (position and size).
 CSStdVboA standard vertex buffer object (VBO).
 CSStdVertexA standard vertex.
 CSValueA value.
 CSValueDefA value definition.
 CTPixelGeneral pixel template structure