Raytrix Light Field SDK  v3.1
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Rx::CRxArrayString Class Reference

Detailed Description

Basic unsigned int array operations.

Public Types

typedef Rx::CRxString TValue

Public Member Functions

 CRxArrayString ()
 CRxArrayString (size_t nLength)
 CRxArrayString (const CRxArrayString &xArray)
 CRxArrayString (const CRxString &sxString, char cDelimiter)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~CRxArrayString ()
void Delete ()
bool IsValid () const
size_t Length () const
void New (size_t nSize)
CRxArrayStringoperator= (const CRxArrayString &xArray)
TValueoperator[] (size_t nIdx)
const TValueoperator[] (size_t nIdx) const
void Reset ()
void Resize (size_t nSize)

Protected Attributes

void * m_pvData

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Rx::CRxArrayString::CRxArrayString ( )
Rx::CRxArrayString::CRxArrayString ( size_t  nLength)
Rx::CRxArrayString::CRxArrayString ( const CRxArrayString xArray)
Rx::CRxArrayString::CRxArrayString ( const CRxString sxString,
char  cDelimiter 


Creates a new string array that contains strings that are the result of the split operation with the given delimiter.

sxStringThe string to split.
cDelimiterThe split delimiter.
virtual Rx::CRxArrayString::~CRxArrayString ( )

Member Function Documentation

void Rx::CRxArrayString::Delete ( )
bool Rx::CRxArrayString::IsValid ( ) const
size_t Rx::CRxArrayString::Length ( ) const
void Rx::CRxArrayString::New ( size_t  nSize)
CRxArrayString& Rx::CRxArrayString::operator= ( const CRxArrayString xArray)
TValue& Rx::CRxArrayString::operator[] ( size_t  nIdx)
const TValue& Rx::CRxArrayString::operator[] ( size_t  nIdx) const
void Rx::CRxArrayString::Reset ( )
void Rx::CRxArrayString::Resize ( size_t  nSize)

Member Data Documentation

void* Rx::CRxArrayString::m_pvData