Raytrix Light Field SDK  v3.0
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Raytrix Light Field API

Copyright (C) 2010-2015 by Raytrix GmbH. All rights reserved.

This is the documentation of the Raytrix Light Field API. It covers image capturing from Raytrix cameras, loading and saving of Light Field images in the .ray format, and processing of such Light Field images for refocussing, depth estimation and more. To use the Raytrix Light Field API you need an appropriate dongle, which enables a certain set of features, depending on your licence. If you want to use the Raytrix LF API in a third party product, then please contact Raytrix (info@.nosp@m.rayt.nosp@m.rix.d.nosp@m.e) for further details on licencing.

After the installation you may need to log off and on again for the environment variables to take effect!


The API function reference can also be accessed by selecting the tab 'Modules' at the top of the page.


Environment Variables

The main environment variable that is installed is RX_PATH_APILF_3_0. It points to the SDK installation directory. The SDK installer also adds the path to the Raytrix shared DLLs to the PATH environment variable of the system, so that the API LF DLLs are found automatically. The .NET assemblies are registered in the global assembly cache (GAC). The following paths are needed for building a project:

  • RX_PATH_APILF_3_0\include: The include path. The headers are in various sub-directories.
  • RX_PATH_APILF_3_0\lib: The library path for linking the API C++ DLLs. Note that the DLL names contain the version number as well as the architecture in their name, so that you cannot link to a wrong DLL version by accident.

Example Projects

Example projects are installed to the path you selected during installation.

It can be that some Raytrix assemblies referenced by the C# examples may have different version numbers than the installed ones. In this case you have to fix this problem manually by reassigning the installed Raytrix assemblys from global assemby cache (GAC).