Raytrix-R11 3D lightfield-camera

Forget about flat 2D images with fixed focus which can not be changed after the fact. Raytrix offers you a brandnew enabling technology: digital cameras with 4D lightfield image-sensors. Using the new R11-camera you have full control in digital post processing of the perspective and focus setting of your pictures you have already taken. Also a 3D reconstruction of the original scene is possible. The difference of the new Raytrix-cameras compared to standard cameras consists of the modified image-sensor (CCD or CMOS) and a special software package, by which you can interprete and modifiy your pictures in realtime afterwards.

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3D Depth Resolution Measurement

3D Depth Resolution Measurement


Effective resolution Up to 3 megapixels, 9 μm square pixel size
Depth of field factor Up to 6 times of standard cameras, software refocus
Video frame rate 10 fps at full resolution using CameraLink
Dynamic range 66 dB
Digital output resolution 8 Bit, 12 Bit
Power consumption External 12 VDC, 2 A, 12 W
Operation temperature 0°C to +50°C
Operation humidity 5–95%, non-condensing
Shutter Progressive Scan
ROI User selectable
Auto exposure Automatic / manual
White balance Automatic / manual
Gain Programmable / 1 to 10x optimizable
Interface GigE, CameraLink
Lens mount F-mount
Binning options 2x2, 3x3, 4x4
Integration time 1/1000 to 16 sec
Image sensor 35 mm large format interline 10.7 MP CCD, color/mono

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